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Practical Q&A

How to choose the color temperature and power of ceiling lights brands

Answer: Follow the recommendations below to achieve the basic brightness for your home.

Living Room:4-5W/square Meter Bedroom2-3w/square Meter
Restaurant, kitchen: 5-6W/square meter

It is important to use the same color temperature for all lighting sources in a space. This will help create a more harmonious lighting effect.

If it is a fixed color temperature ceiling lamp, it is recommended to be 4000K or below.

today, almost all ceiling lights come standard with dimming, memory and other functions.

It is better to purchase stepless dimming in bedrooms rather than three-stage dimming, if you are experiencing a problem with over-brightness.

Question: How to choose color rendering index?

Answer: The ceiling lamp is an essential lighting fixture. It’s best to have it as high as possible.

According to the national standard Ra>80, R9>0 can meet most home needs.

Therefore, the CRI of many large circulation brands is still based on the national standard line. Ceiling lamps with high color rendering can be used in studios and children’s bedrooms if you have a Sufficient budget.

Better light quality

High-quality light sources can indeed play a big role in specific scenes, such as painting, makeup and other tasks with high color requirements.

These lamps are more comfortable to use on a daily basis. We buy full-spectrum or high-color-rendering lamps to ground.

There are many reasons to be angry. Avoid gimmicks like “eye protection”

Purple LEDs are the best choice if you’re concerned about color rendering index. It has low spectral missing rate, high continuity, small color tolerance, gentle spectrum, no obvious troughs and peaks, and the spectrum is closest to sunlight.

For example, the pictures below are both 4000K and Ra>96 high color rendering LED lamps. The difference can be clearly seen from the spectrum.

Some lights have a high apparent color index, but the color is still dim under the light.

This is probably because only Ra is marked, and Ra is the average of R1-R8.

This section primarily represents the reductionibility of light colours. For example, R12 in the picture below is only 70 +.

Ra is not the best way to support CRI.

Consider the color spectrum, CRI (color rendering index), Rg/Rf and color tolerance.

E-commerce companies often use red apples and strawberries to describe CRI.

Buying purple LEDs is the easiest and most reliable solution.

Q: How do ceiling lamps emit light? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Answer: Direct lighting, light guide plate side lighting, linear silicone lampshade

Q: Why are light guide plates better than traditional ceiling lights?

Answer: It’s thinner (about 2cm) than the ceiling lamp which is 10cm.

Comfortable. Compared with the direct downward emission of traditional ceiling lamps, the side emission of the light guide plate is softer.

More beautiful, simpler and more durable, and less likely to become outdated.

It’s less worrying. It’s a metaphysics that traditional ceiling lamps won’t let mosquitoes in. Light-guided ceiling lights are a science.

More expensive means you are rich

What are the advantages of direct-emitting lamps over light guide plates?

Answer: The direct-emitting light source/power supply is modular.

You can change the light source by yourself by removing the lampshade.

The maintenance cost is extremely low. The light guide plate is not for non-professionals.

Linear silicone lamp shade: This is the most common method of creating linear surface ceiling lights. It can give a linear feeling and be slightly dazzling. The conventional lamp body thickness can range from 6cm to 8cm.

Q: What is the life expectancy of a ceiling light?

Answer: Generally, the service life of the brand’s LED lamps is 15000h~25000H+. According to the usage frequency of 8 hours a day, there is no pressure for more than 5 years. Lamps with high positioning are free of pressure for at least 10 years (with low light efficiency). I have said it a hundred times and come with it. Please buy brand-name lamps and lanterns for light sources. You must buy brand-name lighting sources, even if you are buying brand-name lanterns and lamps.

The commonly used L70 standard, that is, the time it takes for the light to decay to 70% is considered a defective product, not a dead light.

How to choose the right size ceiling lamp for the living room

Answer: It is more appropriate for the lengthwidth of the lamp and the lengthwidth of the ceiling to be 1:5. For example, if the living room is 5M3.5M, the lamp should be about 100cm70cm. It is for reference only.

Ceiling lamps are priced in the range of $100-$200.

Answer: If we take three bedrooms and two lounges as an example, the typical budget is between 2-3K. No matter how expensive the ceiling lamp is, it is either a brand premium, a difference in model, or an improvement in light source, material, workmanship, and function. It can be purchased as a set. You can save money by buying them together.

Question: There are many big brand ceiling lamps online that are very cheap. Can I buy them online?

Answer: Of course you can. If your pocket is tight, the running models of various brands are almost the best solution, but don’t ask for too much. If you have high demands, please top up.


  • Volumetric energy stores and e-commerce competitors cannot even imagine it. E-commerce is accustomed to selling 10W+ of a model, but the entities are not even aware of it. The profits of merchants are low because each brand has their own models that sell in large quantities. Even though they rely on lamps with high unit prices to make profit, some companies lose money or make money when big sales occur.

Large quantities lead to advantages, single product sales often start at tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, and one production line only produces one lamp. No matter how low the cost is, the mold opening cost spread equally to each lamp is almost negligible.

Is the quality poor?


Today’s LED light source technology is very mature. The service life of the LED light source is 15000H to 25000H. The average maintenance interval will be no less than five years if the light is used 8 hours per day. And the average defect rate will be no more than 1%. The manufacturer is likely to lose money if the light is not maintained.

There is no problem with the light source as long as it is certified. Many ultra-cheap bulbs have a color rendering of more than 90. LEDs and driving powers supplies are already mature and very popular.

It is true that “saving” materials is “saving”, but it is rarely “stealing”.

Q: The line-surface series ceiling lamps are much more expensive. What is the difference in price? What’s the price difference?

Answer: The main reason for the price difference is due to model. Small sales volume, high assembly costs, and high single-mode costs are all reasons for the high price. The lamp’s value is greater than the premium. It is worth a few dollars more from an aesthetic perspective. Buy something that is visually pleasing.

Question: What kind of style will not go out of style easily?

Answer: The more classic and simple the model is, the more attractive it will be. The shorter the lifespan of models that are popular on the internet and flashy will be the more the model is known. Styles of lamps change every year. You can’t decorate your house every year. The best models to buy are classics. main direction.

Q: Any recommendations for brands of ceiling lamps?

The recommended price for a 3-family room is $1,200 (only for ceiling lamps with direct downward lighting).
If you care about cost-effectiveness (0.8-2K), please refer to major domestic circulation brands such as Opple, NVC, and Sanxiong.
Panasonic and Philips are good options if your budget is low (under 2K).
If you care about precision workmanship and light source comfort, choose Berman (5K watch)
If you want Mijia smart lights, yeelight is a good choice (around 2K)
The lipro series is a good choice if you are looking for a minimalist design with omni-spectral light. The entire series is made of purple LEDs (approximately 5K).

  • Small table of contents below
  • New Products This Year
  • Pick up missing items
  • Popular products from different brands

New Products This Year

1) NVC full spectrum

NVC offers a wide range of products. In recent years, it has made major upgrades in light sources. From ceiling lights, downlights to floor/table lamps and more, you can see Ra97+ light sources everywhere. They are high-quality with excellent color rendering.

It is important to note that this lamp is not only cost-effective, but also a good one that anyone can afford.

Ideal Light (Guanghua), for example, is a series of downlights from NVC.

The deep cup design is not only a glare-free solution, but it also provides a 90deg beam angle for optimum illumination.

  • The color rendering index is nearly 98.
  • The key is more than 40 yuan, which is very cost-effective.

NVC Small White Ceiling Lamp
The 5-light package is available for 1K+. This is a Mijia intelligent ceiling lamp that has Ra97 high color rendering and CQS98 high lighting source parameters. It also features an airtight lamp, anti-mosquito, and a high-quality light source. (will be mentioned later)
For users who pursue higher standards, NVC also has ceiling-mounted ceilings from the Future Light series.

NVC future light

  1. All series come standard with CQS98 (high color rendering), RG0 (blue light level) and Ra98 high-color rendering.
  2. Bright, very bright. The whole series is bright. The luminous flux of the living room lamp is 8000+lm. It is possible to fill a 30 square meter living room with soft and bright light. “Eye protection” should be uniform illumination over a wide area.
  3. The prism lens can reduce glare and spread light evenly. It can reach UGR of = 19 even under high brightness.
  4. Light guide plate design, preventing mosquitoes is not a metaphysics but a science.
  5. The lamp body is slim, simple and versatile, and the metal ultra-thin lamp body has a delicate texture.
  6. All Mijia products are ecological, making it easier to combine with other eco-friendly products. The price/performance ratio has also increased compared to the same time last year.

2) lipro E2 ceiling lamp

Important upgrade

Continues to maintain the high quality “Ruran light” that is similar to sunlight.

Upgrade to the Mijia ecosystem based on Lipro Smart Home and HomeKit.

3Brightness upgrade, the brightness/power of the same type of ceiling lamp has been greatly improved, and it is “not dazzling”.

4Color temperature upgrade from 3000-4000K to 3000-5000K.

Upgraded dimming, with improved power performance and a smoother, more delicate dimming.

Material upgrade: The metal lamp body now has a better texture, and a stronger thermal conductivity.

7Quick installation upgrade, optimized quick installation base, making installation more convenient.

Readers who often read my articles know that I have been recommending this brand and have never been disappointed.

The entire light source is purple LED. It has low blue light and low color tolerance. High color fidelity and a high CRI90+ color rendering index. Ra97+, the light source quality is undoubtedly top-notch.

I’m talking about him alone today because HomeKit, Mijia, and Matter have finally arrived.

The boasts I once boasted about have finally come true, and I won’t call him an abortion expert anymore.

Each product has an original design and can think from the user’s perspective.

The round ceiling lamp is only 2.16cm thick after installation.

Materials and workmanship are clear from the inside out. Although the price is not cheap, judging from the comprehensive products , the price/performance ratio is still there.

3) Berman rohm S1/A1/L1

I bought Rohm. It was really untimely. It was not timely.

I did not confirm with an official if it was a LED purple (I do not know if this is true). Ten thousand ants were floating in the sky, but Judging from the data I tested before, the light source has indeed improved a lot.

The official announcement has been made

Regardless of the light source, this lamp is also very good. The lamp is made of metal and has a lot of weight.

It is easy to tell that it’s a Berman Lamp at first glance.

It’s also easily recognizable. Berman also offers a 10-year warranty on performance, which is a very good thing in the lighting industry.

This is the first of its kind, and this is the attitude that an established international lighting company should have.

Both rectangular and round living room lights as well as bedroom lights are available

4) Honeywell ceiling light

This is not a new model. It’s listed with other models in the same range of prices for your convenience.

The ideal living room lamp emits 8000lm of light, while the direct light from the sun can reach up to 9000lm. Oh my!

Ideal ceiling light is brighter but less powerful than natural ceiling lights.

-Lamps that have high color rendering are often forced to sacrifice brightness. Ideal light has a side-emitting design and a low utilization rate. High power and low brightness are normal.

This is a good lamp that is easily recognizable. The brand’s 13 grids are also displayed here.

Some people say that there are “water ripples” when taking photos of Honeywell lights with a mobile phone, and they say there is a stroboscopic hazard.

I will tell you this: No, no no. There is no risk in using a stroboscope to measure it. Photographing with a mobile phone is unreliable. I didn’t see any “water ripples” in the photos taken with my mobile phone.

The lamp is a good lamp, but I personally don’t like putting the logo on the luminous surface. It feels a bit forced to watch an advertisement.

5) yeelight slim/mix light guide

Yeelight is very familiar. It is the mainstay of Mijia’s ecological lighting section. The products are very affordable. Slim mix has arrived after the ultra-thin lamps of the first half year were reversible. It has all the functions that Mijia has.

Showdown: This lamp is very popular, and I am also riding on the popularity of this ceiling lights brands. I’m too busy to do this during this time. For the moment, I’ll also be using the cloud. The feedback from friends is not bad. According to yeelight’s urinary properties, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Everyone can identify themselves

Pick up missing items

When your budget is limited, buying high-volume models from various brands can be the most cost-effective solution. Just buy them blindly and without thinking.

All of them are used to generate income during big sales. The price-performance ratio is very high. A whole house is usually available for only a few hundred Yuan.

You can enjoy the quality and service of big brands at the price of other brands, but don’t ask for too much, especially Workmanship, please top up if you have high requirements.

Budget for the entire house is 0.5K to 1.5K. There are models with high volume, models that are cost-effective, and models with high color rendering. Here’s a link:

Simple ceiling lamp

The price refers to the approximate price of a three-bedroom apartment

Brands: NVC Snow ceiling light

Everyone calls him little white light. Ra97 high color rendering. CQS98 source parameters for high light.

The lamp body is airtight, anti-mosquito and insect-proof

The lamp can be removed for cleaning and then easily re-installed. It is light and convenient.

Mijia smart lights come with standard lighting in the bedroom and living room.

Get the 5-light package at 1K+

2) yeelight Lingxi

A very classic model. The package price last year was 2K+. I tested the ceiling lights brands last year and the color rendering index was Ra95. According to the official website, the light source has been upgraded to “full spectrum” of Ra97. In theory, it is better than the original one. Well, even without upgrading the light source, the price is well worth it.

Lingxi has launched a back-mounted tri-proof light this year. It’s up to you to choose. Here are a few suggestions.

How do you choose an individual?

Three male Aurora Haoyu within 2K or less

Ceiling lights are available in less than $1000. It is very cost-effective and has a good light source. I have recommended this light to several Zhihu influencers through private messages and bought it. They all said it was good after using it and that the price is also important.

You can still save money by choosing the cloud wing lighting set for your bedroom. It costs more than 1K dollars for the entire house.

4) yeelight fiber jade (around 2K)

This lamp has been mentioned thousands of times. It is a very classic model of Yeelight. It used to be equipped with daylight algorithm but that was removed long ago. The reduction of configuration is probably to widen the gap with the new model, so that the new model can be pushed away more easily. I have seen crowded For toothpaste, there really isn’t much to squeeze out.

The lamp has a color rendering index of 90+. It comes with Mijia Smart Control, Atom Switch, dimming, and color adjustment as standard.

Last year, a three-bedroom, four-light package cost just over 2k. It costs only a few thousand Yuan this year. That’s a savings of hundreds of yuan. The product is still worth purchasing.

5) Philips Yixuan ceiling lamp (1K+)

The lampshade is minimalist, the alloy frame is made of solid materials, and with a luminous flux of 120W 8300lm, it is easy to handle more than 30 square meters with one lamp. The size of 970*650 is too large. Large light-emitting surfaces also produce a softer light with the same brightness.

Wide color temperature, the lowest color temperature is 2700K, the highest color temperature is 6500K.

CRI, Ra80+, passed.

Ultra-thin? The thin frame does not mean the thinness of the whole ceiling lights brands. The whole lamp is 9cm and the frame is 2.8cm.

intelligent? With one remote, you can travel the globe. Fortunately, it has 4 preset lighting modes, including sleep mode and delayed lights off function, so you can finally find some comfort.

Why do you recommend this lamp?

The picture shows that the lamp is very durable with a low failure rate. It is a cost-effective model from a long-established lamp company. Don’t expect any bells and whistles and eye-catching parameters. This lamp is more suitable for you who want to be worry-free, simple and pragmatic.

6) Midea natural/s (1.5K-3K+)

As you can tell from the name, the main selling point is the light source. A light source that can reach Ra98 is indeed good, but the blue saturation of R12 is in the upper 80s at any brightness and cannot reach 90.

The ceiling light brands are already good. It’s just that the manufacturer doesn’t want to tell you. That’s it.

The light guide plate is the most important selling point for this lamp, not the quality light source. The light produced by this method is very uniform.

This lamp has good brightness, and the prism lens guides the light evenly, making it bright and not dazzling.

Well, the S is meant to lower the price. It has a plastic shell, lower brightness, and smart control. S is the best choice if you’re looking for a cheap light source with a good quality, but don’t care about texture.

You can contact us if you have any questions regarding lamp usage, lamp placement, lamp purchases, etc.

Save the following article which will solve many of your ceiling light brand problems. This includes considerations and misunderstandings regarding lamp layout, implementation of specific spaces, etc.