“Shedding Light on Home Decor: Practical Places for Installing Wall Lights”

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The use of wall lighting is common for home decor, and lighting is among its main functions. Secondly, it enhances the interior decoration effect.

Where do you need to install the wall lights in your home?

Below, Xiaofan summarizes many practical experiences of the family that were renovated to share with everyone.


In general, one or two wall lamps are installed in the hallways of homes for auxiliary lighting,

The ceiling of the wall lamps in these areas must be higher than the angle with which the eye is at.

Around the wall lamp, you can also place some ornamental elements.

such as hanging paintings, or putting a table in the middle of the wall lamp, which may also create a more noticeable effect.


A lot of people put wall lights by their beds, since bedrooms need additional lighting.

When you are asleep or reading before getting up in the evening, wall lamps become very important.

Pick wall lamps with adjustable lamp heads, as well as soft lighting.

Wall lamps should be coordinated to the style of the bedroom. They should not be too incongruous,

Beware of over-exaggerated designs, such as images of animals that have teeth or claws.


Wall lamps installed in restaurants will create a localized light effect.

If the restaurant is too large the chandeliers and wall lamps could be installed.

But, if your restaurant is too small and you feel that installing chandeliers

will make the space appear cramped and crowded,

Install two or more wall lights on the wall.

It’s like being in a classy You feel like you’re in a luxurious restaurant.

It is elegant and has a very powerful feeling and a strong.

4.In front of the bathroom mirror

Wall lamps can be placed in front of the mirror in the bathroom,

It is ideal to position your light directly above the mirror in the downward-facing side facing downwards.

The lighting will be better.

Wall lamps should follow the same style as showerheads and faucets, resulting in a better overall effect.


Only a few people choose to place wall lamps on their balconies.

Only ornamental and decorative balconies are equipped with wall lamps, particularly during summer nights.

If two of the wall lamps are turnedd on and the scenery outside is very pleasant.

The best place for wall lighting isn’t just about putting them on one wall,

but also needs to match the surrounding environment, and also coordinate with the surrounding environment.