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Lamps are considered to be one of the objects with the strongest sense of design in the entire decoration process,

but it must be said that the technical threshold of the lamps themselves is extremely low, and naturally plagiarism is very serious. The ones you see online are very design-conscious. Most of the chandelier come from this.

But both sides of the story, it’s okay to buy original lighting brands, but the price is extremely high, easily costing thousands or tens of thousands,

and it’s not easy to buy. Although most of the ones online are plagiarized, the prices are much cheaper.

When you turn on the light, the clock is amazed. Turning off the light makes the year gentle.

When choosing lamps, the most important thing is the shape, whether they match the decoration style, the lighting effect, and the size. Compare the size of each lamp before you buy it. This will help you avoid being disappointed when you receive it. As for the color temperature, CRI, etc., it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the lightbulb. The light fixture you choose should only be convenient for changing the light bulb. Don’t confuse the light fixture with the light bulb.

As for light bulbs, we recommend Panasonic, Philips, TCL Lighting, Sanxiong Aurora, NVC Lighting, Sunshine Lighting, etc. These brands have lamps as well. Panasonic, Philips and the like mainly use various LED auxiliary light source equipment such as downlights and spotlights. Mainly, Opple Lighting mainly focuses on ordinary household lamps and bathroom heating equipment.

1.Original design lighting store

J&S Lighting

J&S Lighting is a lamp-making factory that draws inspiration from dozens brands. The lamps in this factory are original and classic designs that are carefully chosen from all over the world. I think most people like it. EatenByTigers

Lighting stores in European, American, pastoral and retro styles

The era of lanterns

The Modern Times is probably named after Chaplin’s silent comedy movie “Modern Times”. Most of its lamps are made of brass, which naturally gives them a more resplendent feel. The majority of designs are similar, and many of them are Nordic-style lamps, but they are now brass colored, giving them a new flavor. Lamps that weren’t suitable for European or American decor styles are now comfortable and harmonious. In addition, there are also some new Chinese-style lamps, but they are also made of brass, giving them a slightly luxurious feel.


The lamp design is a combination of American, French and Kaffir retro styles. It has a unique temperament and an intense sense of luxury. Installed at home, it is luxurious, elegant and stylish. Although the design of the lamp is complex and has many details, the workmanship is still very exquisite. You can decorate your home with American, European, or pastoral styles.


Mianyiting is famous for its gorgeous and luxurious crystal chandeliers. The complicated and retro crystal chandeliers naturally exude a sense of light luxury. Installed in the home, medieval European palaces are created. The selection is similar to Kaffir, and the materials are mostly crystal and brass, but the sense of luxury is stronger than the latter.

Brass age

The Brass Age isn’t a lighting shop strictly speaking. In addition to lamps, there are also some small brass items such as brass handles, hooks, and trays. Its lighting fixtures are all brass fittings, with a unique aged effect, retro and high-end, and first-class quality.

The guests are coming

Zhongkelai’s lamps are mainly made of glass lampshades. The lampshades come in many colors, including milky white, fluorescent green, and transparent. The light that comes from the glass lamp shade is warm and soft, with a pastoral feel.

Nordic, simple and modern style lighting store

Lujia Good Products

Lujia Liangpin has a lot of lamps, with 22 pages and more than 500 lamps, including chandeliers, ceiling lamps, and spotlights, covering all spaces in the home, making it truly one-stop shopping. However, although it has many lamps, the styles are all focused on Nordic simplicity, and the looks are online. If you like this style, it will be easy to pick one you like.

Lamp Art and Design

The art and design of lamps, nearly 400 lamps, not too complicated in design, completely Nordic simple selection, even a bit frigid, but quite versatile. The types of lighting fixtures are also quite complete, including ceiling lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, etc.

designer lamp

Designer’s Lamp is alighting shop that many people are familiar with. The store has a limited number of lamps but covers a variety of styles from Nordic to modern, simple and Japanese, and includes large and small chandeliers and ceiling lamps. Wall lamps, floor lamps, and table lamps are all available, and the styles are carefully selected. Many people like them, whether they’re popular or good-looking.

half old

Time Half Old also follows the Nordic simplicity route, and also has a highly personalized industrial style with richer colors. It is not as cold, and the colors used are mostly cool. The selection is similar to designer lamps. Although they are not as famous as designer lamps, I think the lamps of the latter are better, with more quantity, and the style of the selection is also higher. It is relatively easy to choose one that suits your home. Fixtures for lighting.


Zaozuo is a well-known furniture brand. There are a few lamps available, similar to the ones shown in the photo. There are still traces of the original, but the design and shape are now unique. It is better to select lamps that are similar in style if you’re worried about clashing. The disadvantage is that the number of lamps is small and not enough to cover all usage scenarios in the home.

island carving

Dao Ke has also been recommended by many users on Douban and Zhihu. Many people were moved by the Maison Dada table lamp with its contrast. Island carvings come in a wide range of styles, but the majority are Nordic. In terms of style, if you look through all the lamps in this article, you can find many of the same style, or the same design, but with different materials.

Lighting stores for industrial and postmodern lighting

Local creation

Locally created, a lighting store that goes beyond everyone’s imagination. You can use cold concrete or stone as lamps. Cement lamps have a sci-fi look and feel, which makes them a great addition to industrial decor.

Starlight Jade

Xingguang Jade is a store with a name that may not be very appealing, but is highly praised and discussed on social media. Many people have fallen in love with its post-modern glass lamp designs. It is a very individual and modern combination of metal and glass to reflect light and create shadows. The glass shade is hand blown by masters and then hand-sprayed with a color to create the smoked effect. This creates a slightly hazy atmosphere.


“Lamplighter”, a name that is similar to “Guideman”, has a very similar meaning. It has the artistic conception of a guide on the road to hell, which is quite unlucky. The lamps, although they have a traditional name, are post-modern with a simple, Nordic design. They’re also a little cold. The lighting fixtures include table lamps and floor lamps as well as chandeliers, wall lights, ceiling lights, lamps for living rooms, dining rooms or study rooms, lamps for children’s bedrooms, lamps for corridors.


DaWn also has a lighting shop with designs that are avant-garde or post-modern. There are not many lighting fixtures in the store, only 12 pages, but they are all carefully selected, with unique styles and even beyond imagination.

5.Chinese-style and Japanese-style lighting stores


Shuoyang is a store that mainly sells Japanese-style lamps. The styles are few, but they are very concentrated. Those who like Japanese-style accents should easily be able to pick out what they like. They are beautiful. There are many other types of lamps besides glass, such as ceramic, brass, and iron. According to the reviews of their lamps, they are made with high quality materials and workmanship.

Nine out of ten bamboos

Shizhujiuzao is a truly original lighting design brand. All lamps are woven from bamboo. These lamps are more like works of art than lamp. You feel as if you’re in the mountains or forests the moment the light is turned on. When you turn around, you can see the shadows of flying birds and eagles. This gives the impression that people are trying to communicate but can’t. It is also very Zen and humane. However, the setting of bamboo weaving also limits its applicable occasions. For home decoration, it is difficult to match the appropriate style for the whole house. However, the effect of installing it in some B&Bs should be good.

Pingtian life

Pingtian Life is also a bamboo lamp shop, with a lot of styles, but they are more rustic than Shizhujiuzou. I always get the impression that many of the styles are covered in vegetables. You can have a look if the style of decoration in your home is similar.

There are wooden shops

There is a wooden store, just like Mu Xiuyuan. From the name, you can tell that it is a store that mainly sells wooden lamps. This isn’t entirely accurate. The bamboo is used for half of the lamps. The style is mainly neo-Chinese and Japanese. The craftsmanship is delicate yet rough, similar to wabi-sabi. The effect of creating atmosphere is excellent. It is very good. It is very high-end!

Mu Xiuyuan

Mu Xiuyuan, a lighting shop in Beijing, is often called a “treasure store” by people. You can tell by the name that all of its lamps are made from solid wood. The materials are solid, the style is high, and the texture is very good. The quality is excellent and the match is amazing when placed in a Japanese or New Chinese style home. surface.

Lighting stores for girls and children

Collection of beautiful lamps

Beautiful Lamp Collection, as its name suggests, is a collection of lamps that are beautiful, artistic and distinctive. The lamps are available in a variety of styles, including the Nordic countryside, a fresh American style and a simple Japanese style. They’re also cute. Many styles will appeal to your girly side. It’s perfect for bedrooms and dining rooms. There are many types and colors, and it is super stylish to install and display at home.

Thousands of suctions

If you have thousands of chandeliers and call it a lamp, then it’s better to call it a toy. If you say it is a toy, it also feels like a hanging decoration. It is lively, cartoony and cute. It is the first choice lighting store for children’s rooms. In fact, it doesn’t have to be hung in the children’s room. You can hang it in a place that isn’t directly related to your main style, like a balcony. Hanging one of their lamps will definitely have a full impact, or a little bit of elegance. The space is left blank without losing its innocence.

7.Outdoor lighting store


Miroran is an online store that sells outdoor waterproof lamps for fences, lawns and gardens. The number of lamps may be small, but the variety is quite extensive. There are wall lamps as well as underground lamps, corner lights, floor lamps and Underwater lights. Most of the lamps are simple and without unnecessary designs. However, many are classic designs imported from abroad. 米罗兰的部分灯具

8.Comprehensive lighting stores

Platinum Lantern Castle

Platinum Lamp Castle has no fixed style, covering almost all the above styles, and the types of lamps are also sufficient, such as table lamps, chandeliers, spotlights, downlights, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, and floor lamps. In terms of features, there aren’t many features. There are just a lot of hits, and whatever is easy to sell will be sold. This is because it meets the needs of many people.

Qiangang Lighting

Qiangang Lighting is also a comprehensive lighting store with a complete range of lighting categories, including chandelier, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, mirror headlights, downlights, and styles covering American, new Chinese, modern, Nordic, light luxury and other styles. Prices range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Simple house

Jianshe does not have many unique characteristics. Its lighting chandelier fixtures come in many styles, including American, Nordic, modern, post-modern, etc. Others may find them confusing and complex. In the end, they can all be considered “good-looking” lamps, or “easy-to sell lamps”, meaning that lamps in various styles which are popular and well-liked by most people are collected and selected. The picture above doesn’t capture the true style, I just picked out a few that I think I like.


Binrui has a small number of lamps, only two pages, but they are all models that can be installed at home and have high practicality. Sales of previous models have been extremely high. In terms of style, the main ones are Nordic simplicity, there are also some other styles, but not many.

Grand View Garden

The name Daguanyuan has quite a bit of a tone. The store is mainly simple and Nordic, but there are also some other chandelier styles. Styles are similar to the ones in the previous shop. But even so, many people like it, probably because it is more cost-effective. 大观园的部分灯具

9.Other (difficult to categorize) lighting stores


Walli is a store that only sells Japanese table lamps. The design is simple, the texture is simple, the light is soft, and the light is very artistic. However, the quantity is not large, and the styles are only a little over one page. If you like them, you will probably like them.

A light in the lamp

Lamp in the Lamp is a decorative lantern shop with an old-fashioned name. It has a full range of lighting, including Spring Festival, Christmas, outdoor, indoor, solar, and plug-in, whether you are celebrating a holiday or want to dress up. You can also find lighting for a different type of courtyard.

wheat lantern

The position of wheat lanterns is the same as the lamp positions in the images above. Both are decorative lantern shops. The number of types and the variety are not as impressive as the lamps inside the lamps. However, it can be a great option to supplement the first.


Yeelight belongs to the ecological chain of Xiaomi. It sells mainly smart lamps. There aren’t many styles but the variety is quite comprehensive, from basic light bulbs, to light strips and chandeliers, to sensor lamps, tablelamps, etc. Geeks don’t miss it!

Lidar letter

Lidaxin is the last brand that I would like to mention. It is one of China’s top ten LED chandelier brands. It is the OEM for IKEA and primarily used for export. The products are of high quality, but they are expensive. If you pursue quality and are not short of money, you must check it out.


Aundair is a store that specializes in selling all kinds of night lights. It is both a lighting shop and a gift store. The night lights can be as cute as ornaments, and they are beautiful enough to appeal to girls and children alike. captured.

Lighting: A First Introduction

When I first learned about chandelier lighting, although the name was very literary, it actually sold downlights and spotlights. These styles weren’t designed, they were the most basic ones. However, they could be used in many situations.