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Philips, which has always produced excellent products, guarantees also the quality of low-end, circulation-grade downlights.

Royal Philips of the Netherlands has an unquestionable position in the lighting industry. After integrating and splitting the lighting business for IPO in 2016, Signify, which holds the “Philips” brand, is still the world’s largest lighting company and has a certain say in the entire industry chain.

Philips home decoration downlights start at 20-30 yuan/piece. This price range is aimed at mass market lamps. The brand of downlights usually have basic styles and simple appearances. They do not have sophisticated optical designs due to the cost.


Panasonic downlights make up the majority of entry-level models. The PBT plastic Canfang series begins at 9 yuan/piece and the aluminum Yifang Series at 35 yuan/piece. Both models have excellent heat dissipation, and the light source quality and workmanship are comparable to those of Philips. The IP44 waterproof series is comparable to each other. Its light-emitting surface can prevent water dripping and splashing. It is very suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Panasonic is the only manufacturer of low-end or mid-end downlights for mass-market use. The price per piece is 25 Yuan. At first, due to cost constraints, its outer shell was also fully plastic.

NVC’s widest selection of downlights is available at the low to mid-price range.


NVC and Opple are both leading companies in the local lighting industry. Their home decoration products follow the route of catching up with trends, pursuing popular models, and lowering prices based on iterations of the original versions. NVC won the title of “500 Most Valuable Brands”, according to an analysis report by the World Brand Laboratory published in 2021. The brand value was 43.687 billion Yuan. This is the tenth consecutive year.

NVC’s experience in the field of home photography is not as extensive as Opple. After 2015, the company made a major move into home furnishings and launched e-commerce channels. NVC has won the Double 11 sales championship for lighting fixtures in 2020 on four major platforms: Tmall Suning and Vipshop. It is now an ecommerce powerhouse comparable to Opple.

Opple is not as unique as NVC’s Downlight products.

J&S lighting

J&S Lighting Company is a leader in the development of innovative lighting solutions. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, we offer a diverse range of energy-efficient LED fixtures and customizable lighting designs. Our team is dedicated to illuminating environments with creativity and function, enhancing each space with brilliance.

Recommended downlight brands:

The LED downlight is embedded into the living room.

It is easy to install, has a good finish, and the lighting isn’t dazzling. I trust NVC Lighting, a big brand. The NVC Lighting brand is well-known and has high sales. The lamp’s brightness is high and its quality is excellent.

It looks great and has a good effect whether it is on or off. The light is soft, bright, warm, and warm.

Downlights for the living room or bedroom with LED recessed lights by Panasonic

Panasonic is the best light source. The light is bright and soft, but it does not irritate your eyes. Panasonic lighting downlights have a good build quality, are made with enough materials, emit a soft, even light and are easy-to-install.

Installation is easy, simply snap the connector on and connect two cables. You should send the quick-connect terminals. The whole lamp is sealed and dust-proof. There is a brightness of 9W. Packaging is very simple.

Philips Hengling ultra-thin 3.5W led living room embedded light

Philips is a trusted brand, which is thin, light, and beautiful. It is simple and beautiful. It is very exquisitely made, ultra-thin, the frame is relatively narrow, and the brightness of 3.5w is sufficient.

The color of the light is soft, non-glaring and stable. It is also very convenient to install, compact and lightweight.

4, OPPLE LED downlight 3W

LED lights are durable and bright. Traditional tube bulbs are really not as useful as LEDs. The frosted panel of aluminum is very classy and textured.

Op LED downlight with a sand-silver opening of 7-8 cm and 3W warm white lighting. Easy installation, beautiful appearance, high-quality workmanship, soft and bright light, eye protection, and a healthy glow.

J&S Lighting LED downlight aluminum material

Designer designed and customized The brand of downlights for office decoration. However, because the price was so high, they were replaced by downlights and a few spotlights. The price of all spotlights and downlights is less than that of a main lamp. Foshan Lighting, a big brand, listed company, affordable price, fine workmanship.

This downlight has a good quality, it comes with a silver aluminum rim and three-color dimming. Overall, J&S Lighting is able to provide a good product. E-commerce has provided it. The light has no flicker, the 5W brightness effect is good, and the spring ears are also very strong. It is recommended to buy it.

Why Buy Branded Downlights?

I should have a say in this issue. I have been dealing with lighting fixtures for more than ten years and have a relatively rational understanding of lighting fixtures.

Recently, I evaluated many spotlights and downlights, which included the main models of mainstream brands like Opple, NVC FSL Panasonic Seaton Philips yeelight West Rail Qiyi. There are hundreds of miscellaneous and Internet celebrity brands, as well as a few other brands.

First, let’s talk about the major differences between the mainstream brand and other brands of downlights.

When comparing a brand with another brand of the same price range, it will lose in all aspects, including appearance.

The brand failed to compare brightness at the same power level.

In terms of core accessories and craftsmanship, the brand wins.

What does it mean? Sit down and listen.

Weight and Feel:

What the brand’s lamps focus on is just right. It’s not that they are reluctant to use materials, but that excess piles of materials are meaningless. X-brand lights rely on the appearance of their lamps to draw attention. This is the most common way. These tricks are easy to perform in front of beginners, but require a lot of material. The days of dominating the market have long passed.

High brightness

If the power is the same, we will subconsciously choose lamps with higher brightness. There is no price increase for brightness, and retailers also use this method to save energy and brighten lamps.

We only know that, but don’t understand why. The high-brightness of the lamps is at the cost of an accelerated light decay. It’s not that the brand’s lamps don’t work, but The brand of downlights you bought this year will still be the same in three years. Lamps that pursue high brightness may lose their light after two years.

Many Internet celebrities have achieved luminous efficiency levels of more than 100lm/W.

Core accessories and process processing:

The gap between the internal workmanship of the lamps was so large that I was stunned when I wrote my answer. I did not have my phone and I could not see the detailed display.

Craftsmanship is just as important as good accessories in making a great lamp. The picture below shows the removal of the driving power supply of the The brand of downlights .

You can see the core components of big brands clearly.

It is also worth mentioning that when using downlights for home lighting, there is no need to deliberately pursue deep anti-glare, because the beam angle of deep anti-glare downlights is relatively small. The light source must be combined with other light sources to avoid the appearance of a bright sky and a dark ground.

Mostly 50-70deg. In a commercial building with a floor height of about 2.7M, the light spot from the ceiling to the ground is roughly like this.

The distance between the walls of the downlight example in the picture above is 1M.

This type of downlight has a problem called “darkness at the top”. When using basic lighting, you should be cautious if the ceiling doesn’t have enough fill-light.

2.How to buy downlights?

Everyone wants to buy good downlights, but are the more expensive the downlights really, the better? The answer is yes.

But we may have overlooked an important question, is it really useful?

Although Lambo is awesome, there is still a certain gap between its performance and Wuling Hongguang’s performance.

So my advice to you is to use enough and don’t waste it. Downlights worth tens of yuan are completely sufficient for home lighting.

The most basic configuration:

  1. No video flash (basically equipped as standard)
  2. CRI Ra>80 and R9>0 are generally acceptable.
  3. Color tolerance is less than 7SDCM
  4. RG/Rf80-100 range
  5. Service life. The service life of downlights of compliant brands will basically be 5 years +

For this reference value, familiar brands can basically meet the standard. Even brands such as Panasonic and Philips have starting prices of around 10 yuan.