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Lighting for the walls in the bedroom plays an essential part. For me the lamp that is placed on my bed is the most frequently used lamp in the bedrooms.

The readers who contacted me suggested that I install a light fixture on the wall next to the bed regardless of whether there’s any main or secondary lighting.

This lamp has the qualities of brightness, atmosphere and ambience. It’s usually not costly and features a very large ratio of input-output.

In general, the bedside lamp could be described as:

3.) Bedside shelf lamp
Desk Lamp

However, at the very least one light within easy reach in the bedroom needs to include a dimming option such as a bedside lamp.

It’s important. Our requirements for brightness are different when we first enter our bedroom as well as prior to going to bed.

The measurement of space occupancy by:

Table lamp>Pendant lamp>=Wall lamp>Bedside light strip.

In terms of light comfort As long as the configuration is acceptable, it is difficult to differentiate between them.

Practical uses

You can select the type of lighting you’d like to use based on the circumstances.

It is recommended to choose lamps for bedside or wall lighting with diffuse reflections when you’re trying to create a pleasant environment.


You should opt for tables or wall lamps if you are required to read. Wall lamps are recommended.


The majority of wall lighting allows you to adjust the direction of illumination this will help focus light more precisely to the areas required.

-2: Although the desk lamp featured in the rendering is so beautiful however, when it comes to actual use, the bedside table is usually not enough, and a desk lamp requires more space. A desk-side light at the bedside is an alternative if you have enough space.

Avoid using any type of light source to read, as it is uncomfortable.

Wall light installation

In general, it is recommended that you keep at a minimum of 1 m from the bed. Place yourself in a comfortable sitting posture, leaning on the head of bed. Your eye line should be in line with the light outlet of the lamp.

There are many choices for wall lamps. J&S Lighting is an excellent option for those who like to read in bed before going to sleep.

I like fabric lampshades very greatly. The semi-transparent lampshades minimize the contrast between dark and light. The experience is great and the light is natural.

The lamp is adjustable in direction, and it supports adjustments of 0-10%-50%-100%, to meet lighting requirements with different lighting levels.

What! 500 Yuan for a single head wall lamp? For those who prefer reading at the bedside, the experience of reading is priceless. The best lighting can be a source of fun. Utilizing just one or two lights will help you save money.

If you are on a tight budget but you want to have good lighting,you could buy a lamp shade similar to that on the X Baby. You can pair it with an economical all-species light bulb.

If you are looking to select a “light decorative” wall lamp, you should to pick a wall lamp that has a shorter illumination distance. Similar wall lamps as thepicture below are not ideal and may cause too much light. The lamps were originally used for decoration and are therefore too bright. They look ugly in the ceiling.

As in the image below, those that have a strong ability to block light are more comfortable when sitting against the wall in order to reflect light. They’re not suitable for reading if they’re only decorative. Panasonic’s wall-mounted rocker lamps are an excellent illustration.

Desk lamp

Advantages:wide selection surface, robust decoration, numerous features, and the ability to moved around at will.

Disadvantages: It always takes up space, we always have not enough bedside tables, and over time the desk lamp is a burden.

Summary: Suitable for people who only need to read and a room with plenty of space for a bed.

To read, it is vital that the source of light be of high quality, having a color rendering index above 90. It must also be uniform, soft and have enough light.

To provide the ambient lighting, it should be able to provide ambient light.

If you can meet these two requirements at the same in the same time, and the price is not prohibitive, I recommend the Star Wireless Charging Desk Lamp Pro from J&S Lighting.

It’s also my personal desk lamp. My advanced level of laziness has made me forget to record photos or write about the light on my desk. But, my older brother Xing Chen, who owns the floor lamp, wrote a separate article and I’ll use that image.

Wireless mobile phone charging is offered in the Pro model and its 10W charging power is adequate.

It supports the mainstream smart platforms such as HomeKit, Mijia, etc., and can be easily access-ed by both iPhone users as well as Android users.

Use: Can be used as bedside table lamp or night light lighting, reading lamp, or decorative lamp.


  1. It’s impossible to adjust the height of this lamp because it’s only 30cm high. There are also limitations on where you can position it.
  2. To make it easy to color the buttons, they’re identical to the color of the lamp body and aren’t easy to discern.

bedside pendant lamp

It is a favored method with a powerful decorative effect and a good eye.

Negatives: no support points, the majority of lighting angles are unablet be altered It is also easy to bump into and sway around, which can be frustrating.

Summary: Wall lights for bed are ideal for bedrooms with large windows but not for people who require to read.

Waistline light strip


It has a good atmosphere, good visual effect and a comfy light. It is a good choice to use as the main light source or for ambient lighting.

Cons: The direction illumination is set, which means you’ll require additional lamps to read books.

It is recommended that the light strips be dimmable if the wall is cracked. To find light strips that are cost-effective are available, check out NVC’s smart light strip–j&s lighting, yeelight smart light strips–Mijia and Xiaoyan Technology’s smart light strips, Apple HomeKit.

The desk is right next to the bed

Some bedsides are next to the desk, and you can use a wall lamp with an adjustable swing arm. This can not only provide lighting for your desk, but can also be used as a bedside lamp.

Image similar to the one below

Choose a reputable bulb. I suggest J&S Lighting’s Full-Spectrum bulb. If you are buying a lampstand be sure to inquire about the size of the shade. The light bulb cannot be made to shine, as it will be very dazzling.

It depends on the lamp shade. buying a 6W or 8W one is enough. You don’t have to worry about purchasing it. I’ll take care of it.

If you must make use of lamps or purchase light fixtures for your bed, be sure to bookmark this article that can solve most of your lighting concerns, including concerns and misconceptions regarding lamps’ layout, and the particulars of the lighting in each space and more.