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Keep in mind that the popularity of specific products may vary based on trends and consumer preferences.

It’s advisable to check Spencer’s website or visit a Spencer’s store for the latest and most accurate information.

Here are some types of spencer’s lava lamps that have historically been popular:

spencer's lava lamp s history

1.Classic spencer’s Lava Lamps:

The traditional design with a combination of colored wax and liquid in a glass container.

2.Glitter :

spencer’s Lava lamps with glitter added to the liquid, creating a sparkling effect along with the lava flow.

3.Giant Lava Lamps:

Larger-sized lava lamps that make a bold statement as a room decoration.

4.Customized or Personalized Lava lights:

spencer’s Lava lamps with unique designs, themes, or personalized features, appealing to those looking for something special.

5.Color-Changing :

Lava lamps that change colors as the wax flows, adding an extra dynamic element to the visual display.

6.Retro-Styled Lava Lamps:

Designs that harken back to the original styles from the 1960s and 1970s, appealing to those seeking a nostalgic touch.

spencer's lava lamp s history

7.Themed :

Lava lights with specific themes, such as music, movies, or popular culture, catering to fans of particular interests.

8.Motion Lamps:

Lights with unique motion effects, combining the traditional lava lamp concept with additional visual features.

9.USB-Powered Lava Lamps:

Portable and convenient lava lamps that can be powered through USB, providing flexibility in placement.

spencer's lava lamp s history

10.Miniature :

Smaller-sized lava lamps suitable for desks, shelves, or smaller spaces.

Remember, product popularity can change,

and it’s always a good idea to check with lava lamps Spencer’s directly or explore their website for the most up-to-date information on their lava lights offerings.