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LED Strip Lights for Residential And Commercial Use

Flexfire LEDs are popular because of their energy-efficient and high brightness, in addition to their size.

As homeowners, architects, and restaurant bartenders, for example.

As we’ve learned, LED light strip can be used in many different ways. You can find the right light strips, regardless of whether you are looking for color-changing LEDs or static white.

We have the best warranty in the LED industry.

Our LEDs have been designed by us for maximum brightness, color rendering and consistency (high CRI as high as 99).

You’ll never go back to any other company for lighting when you’ve experienced the Flexfire Difference. Here are a few of our options for LED strips.

Are you new to LEDs, or the technology? What LED strip light would be ideal for your project?

What are the top LED strips on the market?

It was no easy task to create the best LED strip lights in the world.

It was driven by passion to create a lighting solution that could be “set and forget”.

You should consider the quality of elements, the selection of phosphor, heat dissipation, and color rendering while building an LED. It is also important to think about longevity, brightness, durability, run-time and long-term durability.

We do not wish perfection, we demand it.

From the most lavish resorts, to NASA’s prototyping and testing laboratories, to your own kitchen, we promise high-quality service and complete satisfaction.

We have been entrusted by countless homeowners and companies to provide lighting for their most intimate areas.

Material Quality

Flexible LED strips comprise glowing LED chips, and PCBs that have excellent thermal performance. They also go through a rigorous quality-control process. Our strip lights are UL certified.

Customer Service

From major architectural projects all the way to small kitchen renovations, we’re here to assist you. We’ll collaborate with you on the design of your project, as well as product selection, quote and advice. The items are delivered securely from California, USA.

The Performance

Our LED strips come with the highest CRI of all LEDs that are available. The LED strips can be used in many different purposes.