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There aren’t many decorative elements in downlights. Lighting is what’s more important.

It’s difficult to determine the difference between an expensive lamp from a cheap one by looking at it with your naked eyes (except for the ones that require more lighting standards).

It’s not difficult to determine the index of color rendering. I’m not able to achieve it, but I can make the image P.


It’s easy to understand the best way to use a dim light. Downlights that have excellent light sources are just the highest quality.

We present three types of downlights for you! Based on the type of light source and not by installation method

No1 /—-The easiest lighting function

No2 /—-Downlight solves the problem by using a light pattern

No3 /—- LED Downlight to eliminate the issue of dull ceilings and reduce contrast and glare

No.1 /—-The easiest lighting function

Flood downlight is the most common type, and its beam angle is typically higher than 100deg.

This downlight’s function is simple its purpose is to illuminate the area.

Precautions for use: Keep the distance to the wall at a minimum of 40-60cm. If it’s too close, it will appear similar to the image above, but without alteration.

I’ll give you a few examples from different price ranges and types of models that are worth your money. The details are in the article.

No2 /—-Downlight that solves the problem of light pattern

In the home lighting system There are numerous limitations. The opening should be near to the wall. A distance of ten to twenty centimeters from the wall is normal.

If I’m planning to remove the balloon from the wall shown in the picture below, I do not want to install spotlights.

Then downlights with low beam angles can be useful, the most common ones are 50-70deg downlights.

Use with caution:

  • There aren’t any specific rules regarding the distance between the opening and the wall.
  • Make sure to put other light sources in the ceiling while doing basic space illumination. You’ll notice that the center of gravity is moving down when the ground and sky are both bright. Similar to the image below.

No3 /—- LED Downlight is designed to eliminate the issue of low contrast and dull ceilings. reflection

Many people use downlights to supply basic lighting when they don’t have a primary lamp. This isn’t a great idea. It is nothing more than dividing a ceiling light into N lights for ceilings.

However, everyone has missed an issue. Because the diffusion of downlights is smaller than the diffusion of ceiling lights, light won’t be as soft. The light-emitting surface of the downlight being small, will result in a lot of luminosity and glare coming from the diffused plate. .

If you make this mistake and you are unable to change it the light fixtures to do some correction.

For example, take this

A variety of manufacturers are manufacturing light guideplate downlights,including Opple as well as Panasonic. People with a higher budget are able to choose Berman. There are two kinds of installations: surface-mounted and embedded.

Complete house lighting arrangement

Please keep this article in your mind when making any changes to your home. It is the most comprehensive lighting software database for the entire site It includes, in general:

The navigation article will be revised often and will contain more than 100,000 words.

What can you tell the quality of an downlight?

In terms of the feel of holding it in the hand, the majority of top-quality downlights have metal casings, are well manufactured, feel smooth, and are relatively weighty. However, they’re not visible when they are installed.

The downlights are easy to install and have no customization. They’re typically set into the ceiling. You can only be able to see the frame. With some frameless or downlights with narrow frames, very little or nothing is visible. The deep anti-glare effect can also be employed to create the illusion that the light source isn’t visible.

The quality of the optical lens determines the price of downlights. Downlights with better optical quality will, of course, be more affordable.

The comfort of the downlight is a simple way to evaluate its quality. One of the most important aspects of good light is that it helps people feel relaxed and the things it illuminates feel natural. Certain white lights are calming and others are dazzling. This could be due to poor anti-glare treatments as well as an unbalanced spectral spread, or even negative red light colors rendition index.

You can also consider the shape of the light, i.e. the impact on the light output when determining higher-level requirements. Consider whether it could show the effects of increased light intensity in the center and the halo gradually fading out, or if the light spots of several downlights could be compared in the transition. Naturally etc.

The comfort light logo on this downlight fulfills the requirements of the most basic.