how to diy a lava lamp im very simple way?

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Lava lamps are also called jellyfish lamps. They are named because they flow like lava in a glass bottle. Let’s introduce the details of production process to you:

Tools and Materials

fist you need to prepare the materials of diy a lava lamp.

1.effervescent tablets
3.vegetable oil coloring


1.Find a transparent glass, add 1/3 cup of water into it, then add food coloring, and mix the two evenly.

2.Continue to add edible rapeseed oil to the water cup and let it stay for a while, the oil and water will separate.

3.Add one effervescent tablet.

4.At this time, there are many bubbles coming out of the cup. When the bubbles reach the surface of the oil, they will run downward.

5.After a while, the bubbles will slow down. If we continue to add effervescent tablets, more bubbles will move up and down. At this point the lava effect appears.

that’s it.this is the most simple way to diy a lava lamp.try to make one yourself!