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When you choosing lamps for your kids, the majority of parents will opt for ceiling lamps that are cute and intriguing designs.

These lamps are not a guarantee that your children’s vision will be healthy.

Since the eyes of children are developing at this point,

So, it is important to pay careful attention to the lamps which are used in learning lighting.

The source of light must satisfy the requirements of children.

What is the best way to select a lamp for eye protection?

Find out about the three most important factors to consider when looking at the quality of a lamp’s lighting source:

1.Blue light hazard level

Blue light harm to the human eye is manifested primarily in eye pathological damage and harm to the human body that cause myopia.

cataracts and macular degeneration.

The blue light is the first to harm the structure:

The damaging blue light can enter the lens and directly into the retina.

The retinal pigment epithelial cells can shrink, and even die. can occur.

The damage is irreparable. Blue light can also cause macular degeneration.

The lens in the human eye absorbs some blue light, and then gradually turn cloudy, leading to cataracts while the majority of the blue light can penetrate the lens.

Especially in children as the lens is clear and cannot effectively block blue light

It increases the chance that macular degeneration or cataracts will develop.

3.Blue light is the third most hazardous cause of fatigue:

The focal point of blue light does not lie in the middle of the retina due to its short wavelength.

A little further forward than the retina.

The eyeballs must be in a constant state of tension in order to see clearly. This can cause visual fatigue.

Myopia can be exacerbated through fatigue for long periods of time.

Double vision difficulty focusing, and the tendency to read sequentially are all indicators.

People’s productivity and learning are affected.

The third and most serious repercussion of blue light is sleep disturbance.

Blue light inhibits the secretion of melatonin. Melatonin is an important hormone that influences sleep.

This is known to help in promoting sleep and lessening jet lag.

It’s possible that playing on your mobile device or tablet prior to bedtime may cause problems with sleep and trouble falling asleep.

The chip quality determines the amount of blue light that is released by digital products.

as well as the professional handling of different techniques and materials.

According to the blue-light hazard standard, RG0 is a top-quality standard and is not a blue light hazard.

Parents should consider this important factor when selecting an overhead light.

2.Strobe depth

Strobe is the term used to describe a lighting source that fluctuates at a specific frequency.

The eyes are exposed to the ambiance of the flashing light for a prolonged period of time if the lamp is continuously used.

that can trigger headaches and eye fatigue. It can also trigger epilepsy photosensitive,

can cause blurred vision and distract, etc. question;

Everybody has experienced that when you switch on the lights in your home, the light will flicker and jump, which can be both irritating and attractive.

The third thing to do is pick a ceiling light with a a strobe intensity of less than 0.5%.

Index of color rendering

The “Color Rendering Index” is an index of the capacity of light sources to bring back an object’s original color. When its value is closer to 100, this means that the quality of its reproduction is superior.

The color rendering index of J&S lighting’s ceiling lamp has beenmeasured at 97.8!

The higher the index of color rendering of a lamp, and the better its light source is the closer it is to natural lighting.

From the point of view of protecting eyesight, lights with a high index of color rendering are the most effective choice for eye protection lamps used with youngsters in their schooling!

Begin by focusing on the 3 points above, then creating an eye-safety ceiling light for your child.

Which ceiling lamps can be used to protect your eyes and which aren’t?

There will be a variety of safety lamps for your eyes if you open the main platforms and enter them.

Click on it and see that they are all three-tone lights. Let me ask you, that you have white light, between 5000 and 6500K, but where do you get the courage to speak about eye protection? Doesn’t your conscience hurt?

The so-called eye protection at the very least, the chip has to be fully spectrum.

It doesn’t matter if pick a spectrum that’s attracted by either purple or blue light. A full spectrum without icons with sharp blue lights is a great choice.

The so-called RG0 or the infamous no video flicker and high CRI are all things which are easy to achieve. Don’t use it as an attempt to deceive customers.

There’s nothing else. It is possible to show me the full spectrum of chart and then make sure you promote eye protection. This is the most fundamental requirements.

As a ceiling lamp, I don’t ask you to do side lighting.

You can study the luminous flux with direct lighting. Just add the prism, light guide and lens layers.

I would suggest a ceiling lighting for the living room with a power rating of120W with a price of more than 1,000 dollars is sufficient. But I just clicked on a few brands and saw that the purple lights were activated by more than 3,000.

More than 2,000 products are available that can excite blue light. Yes, I admit I’m not very knowledgeable about this category, and I have never really researched it.

Then I took a look and found that those that cost hundreds of dollars were impossible to see because they all contained high-color-temperature white light.

If you do not purchase them and only utilize the yellow light source, you will not be able to escape the harm of blue light.

Thus, in the whole market for eye-protecting lighting, the percentage of ceiling lamps that are eye-safe is almost certainly in the single digits.

It’s a scary thing. I would like to see more people are aware of the issue and that companies can adopt a different approach. We need to create products that shield our eyes. This will have little effect on merchants.

Instead of following the crowd and then turning a blind eye instead, consider the idea of eye safety head-on.

The people who buy it don’t know and I’m not convinced that the producers either. It is unethical to commit crimes knowingly and purposefully.

For a final summary that currently, sold online regardless of cost, Lipro’s ceiling lights are excited by purple light and can be used with eyes closed.

Berman offers a variety of violet light excitations that have one temperature. They are available.

Xintali also offers single-color temperature ceiling lamps that are full spectrum,or three-color ones with the maximum temperature of color of not more than 4500K. They are also available.

Philips eyecare series is available. I haven’t seen the other Philips eyecare series yet, I will keep adding them as I find them later.

You may also contact me to let me know if you have a product that meets certain requirements.

I’ll confirm this and I will recommend this to all.

I’m hoping that every person will purchase an eye-protecting light for the ceiling and cover every gap. I feel a sense of achievement.