Guidelines for Selecting Premium Quality Power Sockets

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Choose big brands. The quality power socket of J&S lighting Niu Niu, Bada, Junlang and other brands are of high-quality.

Because it’s difficult to distinguish the quality from the appearance, unless it’s an engineering socket, it is difficult to determine.

The quality of the socket is contingent on the thickness of the copper used for the contact.

This is the disassembled internal structure of a high-quality socket as well as copper post terminals and the thickened contact copper sheets.

Above is the inside structure of a socket made of high-quality made of high-quality materials that have been thinning.

Below is the internal structure of a low-quality socket.

The copper sheet is extremely thin. The possibility of fire and heat could be caused by too much space close to the contact point.

The socket may become inaccessible if the terminal is not removed. The terminal consists of two copper sheets and the screw.

Therefore, it is recommend-ed to select sockets fromig brands and go to physical stores to buy sockets.

Shopping online may not always be authentic.

Many brands have launched physical store versions and e-commerce versions at the same time to cater to the modern times.

The version for e-commerce is actually one that is castrated, and the quality power socket will be different.