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A piece of art created by Nendo and LASVIT, the design of the Growing Vases chandelier lights not only reveals the distinctive charm of glass itself,

The film also showcases the creativity of the designer.

This unusual lighting fixture is made from Czech Bohemian style glass. The tube of metal was placed inside the glass bottle by the craftsmen while they blew and pinched the bulb’s form. After many modifications,

It was transformed into an abstract flower branch The vase-like bulbs grow and bloom and transform into a real glass forest.

The dreamy design, which explores different styles, breaks the stifles and restrictions of daily life. It adds some fun to the interior.


The designer of Lollipop lamps is Boris Klimek. His style of design is both practical and poetic, aiming to awaken people’s imaginations and feelings.

Through his research into glass and other materials and sand, he looked at its broad options in terms of the process of coloring and internal structure. The Lollipop Chandelier lights itself with a metal bracket with and a plug-in lighting source.

Its crystal clear appearance is similar to snow and ice and its candy-like sweet hue could easily cause people to associate it with lollipops. Fresh visual experience. The Lollipop lighting series also includes table lamps, free-standing lamps and pendant lamps.


The pendant blends bohemian-style glass blowing process with RGB mixing of colors.

The lamp blends intothe surrounding space to reflect the light and change color levels.

The glass’s texture and the refraction of light create a different impression.

Crystal Rock Raw

Crystal stones are seen in the caves of the future as ambassadors to promote the fusion between man and nature, light and reflection clarity, quality and transparency.

All these features come together in a beautifully matched, and yet remarkably contemporary silex carving.

The multiple reflections and metamorphoses attract attention all day and night, and more when lit.

Globe Metro

For most Prague metro stations.

Glass combines convex shapes with concave ones to create an unique visual puzzle. Dundera introduces this visual form into his glass-based designs.

In addition, the balls with a diameter of 400mm in the chandeliers are madeof borosilicate glass. This is also clad in metallic iridescence and is available in two different colors – blue and the iris.


Moritz Waldemyer tries to systematize the traditional chandelier making.

He developed hexagonal diamond-shaped blocks that he arranged to form “facets.

The chandelier could be comprised of just one piece, or a series of smaller pieces that create an overall chandelier light.

They are unique and conspicuous because of their pure geometric and regular forms.

The small chandelier has a light source inside the chandelier, which makes it flexible and expandable.