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In the beginning, European crystal chandeliers have been purchased over the last couple of years!

The European crystal chandelier is likely an old one from a while ago which is why it might need some attention now.

How to clean a chandelier made of crystal is just one of the most difficult tasks.

The crystal chandelier contains pendants. In other words, the crystal ball makes up a relatively large proportion. What is the best way to clean the crystal ball? This is an extremely difficult job!

Because of the fact that if there are numerous crystal balls on a lamp, it will be more cumbersome to operate.

Before hanging the crystal ball, all the crystal must be cleaned and taken apart. Online purchases are required for the accessories included with the original pendant. Get it now!

It’s not as easy to hang each at a time when returning after purchasing!

The solution is by buying a replacement. This will also be more convenient.

You can do these things if you have enough cash.

It’s easy to figure out this problem. Just remove the cover and rub the crystal onto the ball and you will be able find the solution.

This kind of thing is quite complicated. It is suggested to provide a photo to us so that we can provide an exact response.

Crystal chandelier repair

My neighbor’s European crystal chandeliers didn’t light up at all. It was merely several glass balls. It was reported that I bought it for more than 1,000 yuan.

I asked if it could be repaired, so I asked my neighbor remove it and take a look.

The inside isn’t as stunning as the exterior.

A collection of LED lamp beads are linked in series. A switch is used to control whether the LED light up, the bulb lights up or they both light up and also an LED driver.

He tried each LED lamp’s bead using an adjustable power supply. Seven or eight didn’t work, so he told him to change the lamp’s beads (the pins were already embroidered by the seller as gifts, and scratched in order to make them more bright).

The switch was removed and I inspected it thoroughly. There was no evidence that the switch was burned.

As it was a switch and I was first able to bypass the test, and then connected the circuit directly to the mains. I discovered that both the bulb as well as the LED could be lit up. It seems that only the switch is not working.

The switch looked this from the outside.

It’s not like there is anything indicating any fires inside.

Using tc2608, I searched the Datasheet and the standard circuit on the Internet according to the following:

I connected it to 220V for testing, but it did not sound like in the live situation. The relay shut down when I tried it offline with 12 volt power. The relay appears to be working.

According to the circuit, we determine that by bypassing the c1 and adding 12 volt DC it is possible to test the DC scenario for the whole circuit. We then applied power between the bridge and c1 and found that the relay could be closed. The possibility is that c1 may be broken.

The bridge was inspected online and the capacity was determined to be in error.

I removed it from the unit and tested it offline but it was not working correctly either.

The range of capacitances that the multimeter can measure is identical

I put it in place using one I had found in the parts box. It was small and I was unsure if it would work.

Connect the relay to 220v, and test it. It is found that the relay can be closed. After it has been reconnected, the lamp is repaired.