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It’s worth considering some low-cost and quality power sockets.

1.GN-B3440 Socket

GN-B3440 socket

Product Highlights

The size of the wire core is extended to 1 square mm. It is more efficient at conducting electricity, produces less heat and can support currents of up to 8A as well as power of around 1KW.

Overall, high temperature fire retardant The whole body is constructed of flame retardant PPP material that has been tested to pass the glowing wire 750 degree test and can be utilized with confidence

“Upgraded” door that protects you to ensure security: 75N safety door, equivalent to the pressure produced by a 7.5KG weight. Children will not accidentally put the jack in.

The meshing technology that is made up of high-quality sheets of copper, and copper strips, provides a structure with elasticity and elastic propertiesand won’t loosen even after 5,000 pull-and-plug operations.

Full length: 1.8M Maximum power: 2500W

2.J&S lighting GN-B2080

J&S lightingGN-B2080 socket

Highlights of the Product:

Other functions and qualities are comparable to J&S lighting GN-B3440 socket The total length is 3M. This cord is a great option if you want an extended cord.

Track socket 3.GB1

GB1 track socket

Product Highlights

  • Track socket Surface-mounted Bull.
  • The fav in the kitchen or wall Its surface is anodized + sandblasted and can be used to meet the requirements of various electrical appliances and is easy to clean up when oil and water splashes onto it which makes it safe for use.
  • Whatever number of electrical appliances you own, one of them suffices to be the power track bus duct that carries a power of 8000W MAX.
  • Plug and play: You are able to adapt to the changing needs of adapters for sockets, and you do not have to be concerned about power cords being too short.
  • Turn the outer ring gently, without pulling out the plug. Elegant power on/off switch: Turn the outer ring to the left 18deg to shut off the power. Turn the ring’s outer edge 18deg to the right to turn the power on.
  • Use the concealed “zero-live wire” with confidence.
  • There is no chance from electric shock, as the ground wire that runs through the 4.5mm track groove isn’t conductive.
  • The narrow opening of the gap helps prevent the incorrect placement of foreign objects.
  • Current status 32A
  • Rated voltage: 250V~
  • Rated carrying power Rated carrying power: 8000WMAX

4.UU3653 PD multi-function socket for fast charging

UU3653 PDFast charging multi-function socket

Product Highlights

  • High power 65W, small size High performance
  • Three ports can be simultaneously charged giving a longer-lasting battery for different devices.
  • USB-C 65W MAX output: It takes about 1.68 hours to charge MacBook Pro
  • The integrated storage plugs may be laid out in a way which does not hinder one another. By using an integrated three-dimensional structure, 3 holes with flat sides and 2 USB C + 1 USB A can supply electricity to multiple devices at once.
  • USB five-layer protection: overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, anti-surge protection as well as anti-short circuit protection and anti-static protection

The brands listed above have a stellar reputation and they’re warranted. In the list of products above it is possible to choose either one or two. Thanks!

I hope you are pleased with the power socket that I recommend. Please leave a message with any questions about any of the products I recommend.